some of my personal work


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an old portrait i found of my friend Sophie

another painting. this one says “this cut was the result of his hand slipping from the handle of the knife onto the blade of the knife in the act of stabbing her”

another clown

some fan art for ‘big little lies’

someone got my drawing tattooed….


“i dont care”

‘Okay I’ll Just Go Fuck Myself’

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? and me

If You Cant Beat Em, Join Em

Is Mayonnaise An Instrument?

from a collaboration with my dear friends at ITSWT

from a collaboration with my dear friends at ITSWT

live! from the Its Over Pancake Deli!

the future

frances farmer


amanda knox

view of Tsukiji fish market, 5 am -2015

self portrait

tokyo 2015

drawing from a photo by my dear friend Chadwick Tyler

frances farmer

my little brother




bridget bardot

self portrait

sarah goldfarb

self portrait

self portrait

another self portrait